CDG Newsletter Issue 217 – Oct 2020

|CDG Newsletter Issue 217 – Oct 2020


As the previous Newsletter was being printed we learnt of the death of Fred Davies, a leading figure in cave diving in Somerset and a stalwart member of the Mendip Rescue Organisation. This edition begins with a tribute to Fred and I’d like to thank Martin Grass for writing this.
With UK-wide restrictions being tightened as coronavirus cases build once more, the Central Committee have arranged for the delayed April 2020 CDG AGM to take place via video conference on 18 November. Whilst not optimal, it is the best that can be achieved in the current circumstances and positive feedback has been received from other organisations that have also met via Zoom. Full details, including the list of vacant posts, can be found on page 19. Looking further ahead, the Group’s 75th anniversary AGM remains planned to follow the traditional format and should be held in Wales in April 2021. In addition, the postponed June 2020 CDG training camp, which was to be held in Yorkshire, will be rolled forward to 2021. I hope to publish details of both of these events in the next Newsletter (deadline 1 December 2020) along with the usual diving logs, top tips and articles. Stay healthy and safe diving.

Adrian Hall

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