CDG Newsletter Issue 210 – January 2019

|CDG Newsletter Issue 210 – January 2019


As this Newsletter was being completed, the New Year’s Honours list for 2019 was released. The seven team members recognised for their actions during the Thailand cave rescue are listed on page 9. Lessons relevant to UK conditions that were learnt from the rescue have already been incorporated into the Cave Rescue Organisation’s practices, planning and equipment and formed the basis of a recent Northern Section training session. Martin Holroyd, based on 35 years’ experience both of cave diving and as a volunteer member of the CRO, provides an overview of how such diving-related incidents are managed and trained for in the Yorkshire Dales on page 10.

The deadline for contributions of dive logs, diary events, diver status changes and other notices for inclusion in the next Newsletter is 1st March. Details relating to the forthcoming AGM will be circulated by the Somerset Section separately when they are finalised.

Adrian Hall, Ilkley

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