CDG Newsletter Issue 208 – July 2018

|CDG Newsletter Issue 208 – July 2018


Whilst this Newsletter was in preparation a small group of experienced CDG members were assisting Thai authorities in ongoing search and rescue operations at Luang Nang Non. Using the specialist diving skills and equipment refined in the sumps of the UK and elsewhere, they are working alongside Thai rescuers to complement their skills and reach a party trapped by flood water. The serious impact that heavy rainfall can have on cave systems will also be remembered closer to home as the 50th anniversary of the great Mendip flood that dramatically altered Swildon’s Hole passes in mid-July.

The successful AGM, organised by the Northern Section, saw me elected for a third year (thank you) and ratified a proposal to grant a sum of money to the Section organising the Group’s Training Camp. Gareth Davies and the Welsh Section benefited from this decision and used the money to good effect at the well-received and popular event in June.

If the hot, dry weather continues in the UK, the resulting good diving conditions should lead to the production of a large collection of UK reports to join those from overseas that are normally received at the end of “expedition” season. As such, please note that the deadline for contributions to the next Newsletter is 1 September although I am happy to receive them sooner. Safe diving.

Adrian Hall, Ilkley

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