CDG Newsletter Issue 204 – July 2017

|CDG Newsletter Issue 204 – July 2017


First, an apology. The obituary for John Buxton in NL 203 was printed with a minor typo. As such,
the final two paragraphs are reprinted again in full to correct this mistake. Jason Mallinson’s
personal account of JSB’s role in the Wakulla II project then follows.

Whilst this Newsletter was in preparation, the thoughts of many were of the six people who died in
Britain’s worst caving accident at Mossdale Caverns (24 June 1967). Some were CDG members
and, as this 50th anniversary passes, perhaps it would be germane to remind ourselves once more
of the potentially serious consequences of adverse weather on our activities.

Thank you for voting me back as Editor for another year. The successful AGM, organised by the
Welsh Section, saw the stepping down of Scoff our Chairman of 10 years and the conferring of
Honorary Member status for all of his considerable efforts. Martin Grass now takes up the
challenge of guiding the CDG into the future. The next AGM will be hosted by the Northern
Section; details will be published when they are available.

The deadline for contributions to the next Newsletter is 1 September and it should hit the door mat
around the time of Hidden Earth – volunteers to assist with the CDG stand are still required.

Adrian Hall