CDG Newsletter Issue 203 – April 2017

|CDG Newsletter Issue 203 – April 2017


This Newsletter begins with the obituaries for John Stewart Buxton and Dr Trevor David Ford OBE
who both contributed to the CDG and its achievements since c 1950 albeit in very different ways.
Some of their exploratory and academic work is summarised by Martin Grass and Clive Westlake –
thank you to both.
The thickness of this Newsletter reflects a generally wet winter and poor diving conditions; an
unfortunately common occurrence at this time of year. Hopefully as winter turns to spring, more
exploratory work will be undertaken and the AGM in Wales on 22 April should offer plenty of
opportunities for underwater potholing. For those wishing to attend the dinner and give Scoff, our
esteemed but retiring Chairman a night to remember (or perhaps forget?), please return your
responses (and money) to Malcom Stewart before 7 April.
Finally, the deadline for contributions of dive reports, articles and diary events to the next
Newsletter is 1 June 2017 – assuming the membership votes me back in as Editor. Unfortunately, I
will not be at the AGM as I will be in the process of returning to the UK having worked overseas for
the last 6 months.

Adrian Hall
Ascension Island Base
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