CDG Newsletter Issue 202 – January 2017

|CDG Newsletter Issue 202 – January 2017


As this issue was going to press we have received news of the death of John Buxton, a long
standing CDG member. The CDG’s thoughts are with Audrey and John’s family at this time. An
appropriate tribute will be included in a future Newsletter. There is no doubt that stories will be
swapped and a glass or many will be raised in John’s memory at the forthcoming AGM. Full details
of the AGM and a booking form are contained towards the rear of this issue.
Thank you to all those that have submitted the dive logs contained within this issue which cover a
wide range of locations both old and new with some notable extensions being made in long
standing projects. The deadline for contributions to the next Newsletter is 1 March 2017 and it is
anticipated that NL203 will arrive just before the AGM.
Finally, to those members that have yet to pay their subs; these are now overdue. Your Section
Secretary will be happy to exchange a small amount of your money for continued membership.

Adrian Hall
Ascension Island Base
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