CDG Newsletter Issue 214 – Jan 2020

|CDG Newsletter Issue 214 – Jan 2020


As this Newsletter was being put together we learnt of the death of Steve “Thug” Thorpe. Bob Hryndyj has kindly allowed me to publish the obituary that begins this edition (originally written for the NPC). Thank you to the many other contributors who have also provided the content for this Newsletter. A quick glance at the front cover of this edition will have highlighted the wide variety of diving that is currently taking place and that there have been a number of changes to the volunteers filling some of the CDG’s officer roles. Both the Welsh and Somerset Section Secretaries have moved on and the Digital Manager role will become available in April 2020. As the Group’s website is the public face of the CDG to many, it is essential that a willing volunteer is found to carry on the excellent work of Steve Robinson and Ben Wright. If you’re interested in volunteering to take on this role please contact Ben for more information. Full details for the forthcoming AGM can be found on page 24.
Historically the April Newsletter has often been thin due to the poor diving conditions found in the UK over the winter period limiting underwater exploration. As such, I would appreciate as much content as possible, including any older logs to help me produce a worthwhile publication in three months’ time. The deadline for contributions of dive logs, diary events, diver status changes, top tips and other notices for inclusion in the next Newsletter is 1 March 2020. Safe diving.

Adrian Hall

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