An index to dives reported in past issues of the CDG Newsletter. 160 Newsletters, 1450 dive sites, more than 4000 reports. Search for a site that you are interested in, or follow the link from the issue contents page to see all the other issues with a dive in that site. Newsletter contents are available on line to members only. Non-diving membership is available, enquire of section secretaries for details.

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Dive reports as we know them do not appear prior to October 1969

The Newsletter is the definitive reference for dives in the U.K. and also accepts relevant reports concerning dives in other countries. You do not have to be a member of the Group to contribute, non-members are welcome to report their dives to make the information available to a wide audience, avoid duplication of effort and ensure proper credit. Send your reports to the Editor.

This search facility will give you a list of contents for a given newsletter. Follow the link beside a dive report to find all other reports for that site in the index, or search using the box provided. Once you have a list of references it is up to you to find the newsletter, perhaps your club has a collection in its library? In time we hope to add a full text of back issues for the newsletter, but this will be members-only (another reason to join!).

Index entries are added periodically, generally about 12 months behind the paper edition.


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