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Date Added Incident Title
4th August 2016Wrong way in zero vis with small bottles.
15th June 2016Sticking drysuit inflation valve
10th December 2015Didn't line jumps and got lost
10th December 2015Leaking low pressure hose
19th March 2015Burst hose beyond awkward restriction
11th May 2014Lack of equipment checks
22nd March 2014First cave dive with unfamiliar kit
19th October 2013Mobile rock slope
26th September 2013Snorkel
7th October 2011Valve coming apart
10th June 2011Awareness of the change in sump characteristics brought about by low water levels
7th May 2011Issues using "Tirfor" style winches in confined spaces
29th April 2011Tank jammed in crack
18th May 2010Drysuit inflator issues in constricted passages
17th May 2010Moving Big Rocks
28th March 2010Stocking on mouth piece
29th January 2010Overconfident with tatty line
15th August 2009Burst Stye
2nd June 2009Depth-dependent symptoms
23rd May 2009Mental State external stressors
15th May 2009Marking Line Junctions & Changing Conditions
27th April 2009Lost Trainee diver
9th December 2008Rockfalls and Lost Gear
17th June 2008Regulator freezing
27th May 2008Snagged by own reel
15th April 2008Air Stuck in Drysuit
23rd August 2007Navigational error whilst scootering
10th August 2007Rebreather checks
8th May 2007Diving in tight beddings - tank valves
4th May 2007Grit in piston 1st stage reg.
2nd May 2007No Guideline, Much Percolation.
26th April 2007Another roller buckle failure
26th April 2007The potential danger using a diving knife
25th April 2007Oxygen Explosion in High Pressure Hose
25th April 2007Roller bar buckles
25th April 2007O2 near hits
24th April 2007Lost Equipment
24th April 2007Dive knife that does not cut - snippers that cut too well
24th April 2007Diving With a Hangover
24th April 2007Vomiting After a Lunchtime Brandy
24th April 2007Pushing Air Margins
24th April 2007Buoyancy Control
24th April 2007Stuck Direct Feed - Over-inflated Drysuit
24th April 2007Line Pulled Away by Second Diver
24th April 2007The Case of the Vanishing Line
24th April 2007Frayed Line Breaks on Pulling
24th April 2007Line Broken At Base
24th April 2007Unsecured Line Reel
24th April 2007Line Burried in Deep Silt
24th April 2007Dead Man's Handshake
24th April 2007Unfamiliar / Unsuitable gear
23rd April 2007Drysuit inversions x 4
23rd April 2007Lost line x 2
20th April 2007Near-drowning whilst kitting up.
20th April 2007Panic/lost line
20th April 2007Another MCCR CO2 hit
20th April 2007Nightmare in Elm Hole
19th April 2007Failed Dive Computer.
18th April 2007Infected valve
17th April 2007Out tag confusion
12th April 2007Cyklon 300 diaphragm fell off
11th April 2007MCCR CO2 Hit
5th April 2007Bent pillar valve
3rd April 2007Mask kicked off
3rd April 2007Diver lost in Flooded Mine
2nd April 2007Stocking on second stage
29th March 2007Pushing thirds too far
28th March 2007Circular Loop During Connection Attempt
27th March 2007Wookey Line Junction Navigation Error
27th March 2007Fin Heel Straps - Failure & Line Traps
27th March 2007Purge Valve Jammed Open - Early Valves
27th March 2007Poseidon Cyklon 300 Exhaust Circlip
26th March 2007Cylinder Valve Casting Defect
7th March 2007Route finding difficulties and poor gas management
7th March 2007ST5000 Valve failure
2nd March 2007Manta 5000ST Freeflow - Filter Failure
28th February 2007Diver caught on roof.
26th February 2007Frozen & free-flowing regulators
26th January 2007Ruptured eardrum
26th January 2007Near blackout
26th January 2007gravel fouling of regulator
16th January 20072nd stage O-ring faliure
11th January 2007Flooded Mask
11th January 2007Tangled in Piano Wire
11th January 2007Broken Thin Diving Line in Shaft
11th January 2007Navigational Uncertainty in High Water
11th January 2007Kingfisher Valve Defects
11th January 2007LNRC Gravel in Valves
11th January 20072nd Stage Diaphragm Failure
11th January 2007Petroleum Jelly Deforms Exhaust Valve
11th January 2007Jammed US Deepstar 1st Stage
11th January 20072nd Stage Failure
11th January 20071st Stage Leak
11th January 2007LP Hose Burst
11th January 2007Draeger-Normalair Jammed Tap
11th January 2007Draeger-Normalair Pillar Valve Leak
11th January 2007O-ring Failure
11th January 2007Leaks from LP Hoses / 1st Stage
10th January 2007DIN valve on large cylinder damaged in transit
10th January 2007ABLJ & Drysuit Inflation
5th December 2006Dizziness from Cold

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