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Incident Reports 2019-01-14T14:25:21+00:00
Line Pulled Away by Second Diver
The Case of the Vanishing Line
Frayed Line Breaks on Pulling
Line Broken At Base
Unsecured Line Reel
Line Burried in Deep Silt
Dead Mans Handshake
Unfamiliar / Unsuitable gear
Drysuit inversions x 4
Lost line x 2
Near-drowning whilst kitting up.
Panic/lost line
Another MCCR CO2 hit
Nightmare in Elm Hole
Failed Dive Computer
Infected valve
Out tag confusion
Cyklon 300 diaphragm fell off
Bent pillar valve
Mask kicked off
Diver lost in Flooded Mine
Near-Death by Mannikin
Stocking on second stage
Pushing thirds too far
Circular Loop During Connection Attempt
Wookey Line Junction Navigation Error
Fin Heel Straps - Failure and Line Traps
Fin Heel Strap Line Traps
Purge Valve Jammed Open - Early Valves
Poseidon Cyklon 300 Exhaust Circlip
Cylinder Valve Casting Defect
Route finding difficulties and poor gas management
ST5000 Valve failure
Manta 5000ST Freeflow - Filter Failure
Diver caught on roof.
Frozen and free-flowing regulators
Ruptured eardrum
Near blackout
gravel fouling of regulator
2nd stage O-ring faliure
Flooded Mask
Tangled in Piano Wire
Broken Thin Diving Line in Shaft
Navigational Uncertainty in High Water
Kingfisher Valve Defects
LNRC Gravel in Valves
2nd Stage Diaphragm Failure
Petroleum Jelly Deforms Exhaust Valve
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