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Circular Loop During Connection Attempt

Incident Date


Incident Description

In 1975 while attempting to connect two caves the following incident took place. The diver had previously dived in Cave A leaving the line in. He then attempted to connect with this from Cave B diving 100m to -20m. He found what he believed to be the Cave A line joined onto it and cut off his line reel. Realizing he was running short of air he decided to return but found himself returning twice to his own junction. He eventually solved the problem by untying his own junction. Following the line back he eventually realized that he had not connected Cave B to Cave A at all but had in fact merely made a large oval loop at the end of Cave B. He reached base with no air margin.

Lessons Learned

Practice correct line management and navigation techniques.
Line Management Major
Gas Management Negligible
Equipment Management Negligible
Equipment Failure Negligible
Training Minor
Medical Negligible
Planning Negligible
Procedural Error Minor
Cave Environment Negligible
Weather Negligible
Other Factor