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Awareness of the change in sump characteristics brought about by low water levels

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Incident Description

A minor incident but worth recording: The sump is low and requires some meandering and route-feeling the line is secure but slack as it is not belayed through the sump. Visibility is invariably nil. Both divers passed the sump without incident on the way in. On the return dive diver B inadvertently surfaced in a side (large-ish airbell) as the slack line had led them there. Thinking the end of the sump had been reached diver B let go of the line and soon realised the error having waded to the end of the air bell well away from the line and found no way out. The line was however in easy reach by feeling with the feet and the sump was then passed without further incident. On surfacing diver B learned that diver A had experienced exactly the same thing. Both divers had passed this sump several times previously but had never gone off route before. It was concluded that the incident occurred due to unusually low water levels in the cave.

Lessons Learned

Before letting go of the line be sure that the end of the sump has been reached. Be aware that a change in water level can affect the characteristics of a sump.
Line Management Unknown
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Equipment Failure Unknown
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Procedural Error Minor
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