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Dive knife that does not cut - snippers that cut too well

Incident Date


Incident Description

1989 Silica Mines The trainee diver was practising line laying and discovered to his horror that his knife was insufficient to cut the line hed laid. Two rocks were used to saw through the line. 1994 Elm Hole The diver was wearing snippers on his forearm tucked under snoopy loops. The snippers sprung open and the diver reseated them putting a nice cut through his drysuit forearm - fortunately not piercing the suit.

Lessons Learned

1. Carry a cutting tool up to the job. 2. Stow it wisely. 3. Handle sharp implements with care.
Line Management Unknown
Gas Management Unknown
Equipment Management Major
Equipment Failure Major
Training Unknown
Medical Unknown
Planning Unknown
Procedural Error Major
Cave Environment Unknown
Weather Unknown
Other Factor Unknown