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Incident Report 2020-05-01T16:26:00+00:00

Broken Thin Diving Line in Shaft

Incident Date


Incident Description

Three novice divers entered a French resurgence in good conditions and progressed about 400m to the head of a shaft. The three descended to the bottom of the shaft at 50m. Shortly after the third diver landed a neat pile of thin string dive line fell into a heap next to him. The line had clearly broken at the top and the shaft was now unlined. No matter the visibility was still a good 10 metres. The three divers returned to the top of the shaft and what had been a simple entrance passage opening out onto a shaft had become a mysterious complex of beddings and rifts. The three divers swam round the shaft a few times looking for the line. Eventually a prominent tooth of rock was spotted that looked like a good place to belay line. On further investigation it was found that someone else had though so too and there was the line out.

Lessons Learned

Manage your line carefully. Thin line is fragile. Take compass bearings regularly. Practice your lost line drills.
Line Management Major
Gas Management Negligible
Equipment Management Negligible
Equipment Failure Negligible
Training Major
Medical Negligible
Planning Negligible
Procedural Error Minor
Cave Environment Negligible
Weather Negligible
Other Factor Unknown