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Incident Report 2020-05-01T16:26:00+00:00

DIN valve on large cylinder damaged in transit

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Incident Description

On reaching a dive site after a carry it was found that the DIN pillar valve had deformed and the regulator could not be fitted. After several such occurances it was found to be a common problem with bigger cyliders which generate bigger forces on colision with passage walls.

Lessons Learned

Carry cylinders carefully. A preventative solution is to screw the DIN to A-clamp converters into the pillar valves. This greatly increases the radial strength of the pillar valve and reduces the frequency of deformations. The converters are removed on kitting up. Other solution include pillar valve protection such as cobra heads or being more careful.
Line Management Negligible
Gas Management Negligible
Equipment Management Major
Equipment Failure Major
Training Major
Medical Negligible
Planning Minor
Procedural Error Minor
Cave Environment Minor
Weather Negligible
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