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Mike Wooding Heart Attack

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Incident Description

Mike Wooding dived Meregill Skit in a wetsuit using a 7L and a 4L cylinder on Wednesday 9th August 2006. His car was noticed parked outside the cave for over 24 hours and an investigation was made on the Thursday evening of 10th August. Mike was found dead a little way up stream from the entrance shaft at a depth of approx 16m and a distance of about 30m from the surface. His 4 litre tank was empty and his 7 litre cylinder contained 160 bar of air but was turned off. There was no apparent equipment failure. The autopsy showed that his death was due to cardiorespiratory arrest due to severe coronary artery atheroma. In laymans terms a heart attack due to narrowing of his arteries. The death was due to natural causes so it did not require an inquest. Hearsay reports suggested that the week prior Mike went for a run and had shortness of breath dizziness and chest pains. He visited his GP who said that the symtoms might have been part of the ME that Mike suffered from.

Lessons Learned

Ensure that you are medically fit to dive before entering the water.
Line Management Negligible
Gas Management Negligible
Equipment Management Negligible
Equipment Failure Negligible
Training Minor
Medical Major
Planning Negligible
Procedural Error Negligible
Cave Environment Negligible
Weather Negligible
Other Factor