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Wanted 2x 12L 232 Din Cylinders  


Joined:4 months  ago
Posts: 2
02/09/2019 4:48 pm  

Preferably around Sheffield or caver postable to TSG as i dont have a car at the moment.

They are mostly for open water so left or right handed dosent matter but in test or likely to pass would be great.

I posted on UKC a while a go to no avail and a CDG member suggested I post here.

Joined:2 years  ago
Posts: 379
09/09/2019 7:11 pm  

Louise - it's worth asking around dive schools; they often do a sort of stock rotation, selling gear on once it's started to look bit tired. If the dive school is also a test house, they'll often sell on tanks with a full test on at favourable prices. I've bought quite a few myself over the years.


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