Gallery One



The Far Side

Scenes From Beyond Britain's Finest Sumps

Photo's - © Clive Westlake

Report From the Newsletter:

Hepste River Caves 21.4.1981
Training in resurgence and in O.A.H Sump 2.
New Hazard: Ian Davinson and camera safely established on dry land but with flash gun in sump pool, making me cold and blinded.

Why the 'Far Side' Gallery? Simple, all these photographs (Clive Westlake, by permission) are taken in places it is impossible to reach without indulging in some diving.

Now you can see what you are missing...


LNRC 6 -Lake Chamber

Wookey Hole - Chamber 24

Agen Allwedd - Maytime

Agen Allwedd - Maytime

Cheddar - Bishops Palace

Boreham - The China Shop

Notts 2

Swildon's 12

Wookey Hole - Chamber 22

Wookey Hole - Chamber 22

Agen Allwedd - Maytime

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