Here is some background information about the CDG, and reports of its activities.


Weil's Disease Important information on this dangerous condition of particular relevance to cave divers, from JNC. (PDF 42k)

Solo diving An article exploring the rationale behind the recommended practice of solo diving in British sump conditions. (PDF 25k)

Isobaric Counter Gas Transport - A hidden danger for mixed gas divers.
Fred Winstanley, Rupert Skorupka

British sump conditions...
Scoff & Dave's article gives a 'Warts an' All' account

More On British Cave Diving...
Scoff's follow up to the above, in the light of comments from outside the group


Here is a chronological history of the Group, and a monograph by veteran CDG member, John Buxton

Appreciation of Jack Sheppard, CDG founding member and cave diving pioneer.


Pete Mulholland's trip to the Herault Valley, France.


Phil Rowsell reports on a recent rescue practice in Gough's Cave involving divers from the CDG and members of the Mendip Cave Rescue organisation. Words by Phil Rowsell, pictures by Clive Westlake.

A report of a rescue practice in Wookey Hole (PDF 1.5Mb) in 1993 which contains some valuable insight into some practicalities of cave diving rescue. Compiled by Dany Bradshaw. John Buxton has asked me to clarify that the A-clamp to DIN adapters mentioned in observation 11 were borrowed from him, not the police!

Christine Grossart's report of the 2009 Derbyshire training camp

A report of a training exercise with a Cave Rescue Team.

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