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Joining the CDG

The Group is always pleased to accept new members. However, due to the very specialised nature of the sport, prospective members of the group should consider very carefully if this is the most appropriate organisation with which to further your goals. Amateur cave diving contains an element of risk. Please read the Statement of Inherent Risk (PDF 53Kb) to ensure that you understand and accept the hazards associated with recreational diving

Membership of the CDG has traditionally been drawn from the caving community, because U.K. cave diving is effectively caving underwater, not diving with a roof over your head. See the note to open water divers for more details. New members would normally be expert cavers with some experience of open water diving. Most members of the Group began their diving careers by helping transport equipment for active divers. This is without doubt the best, if least glamorous, way to learn.

The Cave Diving Group is a national body comprising of four regional Sections; Northern, Derbyshire, Welsh and Somerset. Each Section administers membership at their regional meetings. Contact your local Section Secretary for details of forthcoming meetings. To join a Section you will need to complete a membership form (PDF 9Kb), obtain endorsement from two Qualified CDG members and send the current membership fee and waiver form to the Section Secretary.

New members are elected as either Non-Divers or Trainee Divers. See Membership Administration for details of how to join the CDG. (PDF 4Kb)

A 15-day Temporary Membership is available for cave divers visiting from overseas. Contact your Section Secretary for details.

All diving must be conducted in accordance with the Constitution (PDF 20Kb) and Safety Code.

The benefits of membership of the CDG include:
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Liability Insurance
  • Qualification card
  • Contact with cave diving mentors
  • Negotiated access to some otherwise limited access caves
  • Members-only on-line library of newsletter back issues
  • Information on cave diving around the world
  • National representation of cave diving interests

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