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Incident Reporting

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The CDG has a deeply ingrained ethos of continuous improvement through learning from the experiences of fellow divers. The CDG Rule on Cave Diver Education details this approach with an explanation of the mentor and mentee obligations of every member of the Group. Incident Reporting is an opportunity for knowledge to be passed from one diver to many divers and so reduce the number of incidents caused by repeat, common factors. Independent analysis of diving fatalities has shown that the elimination of repeated causes of fatal accidents could potentially reduce the fatality rate by a factor of x36 [1].

Review of Individual Incident Reports enables all divers to learn from the anecdotal experiences of fellow divers.

Systematic analysis of incidents over time allows patterns of common causes of failure to be identified. Two published articles addressing British cave diving incidents are available for download:

Please read the CDG policy on incident reporting (PDF 7.3k)

British Cave Diving Accidents (PDF 3.1Mb), Churcher, R. A. & Lloyd, O. C.; Proc. Uni. Bristol Spelaeol. Soc., 1980, 15 (3), 161-182. Reproduced by kind permission of the University of Bristol Spelaeologocal Society. Further information at:

The Learning Curve: A Quantitative Analysis of Fatal British Cave Diving Incidents from 1980 to 2005 (PDF 36Kb) Brock, D. CDG NL159 April 2006


1: Contract Research Report 140/1997, SCUBA diving, A quantitive risk assessment, Prepared by Paras for the Health & Safety Executive


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