Rescue Practice in Langstroth Cave



Picture of the practice On Saturday 13th of June 1998 members of the Northern Section, Cave Diving Group and Upper Wharfdale Fell Rescue Association (UWFRA) took part in a joint rescue practice. Picture of the practice

The scenario was that of a caver overdue in Langstroth Cave, a vertical system with an awkward entrance crawl and 3 short but potentially dangerous sumps at the lower end.

Two engines and members of Wharfdale Fire Brigade were also in attendance, and conducted a pumping exercise on the downstream sumps.

'Dry' cavers were sent in from the top entrance to search downstream while 6 divers entered through the downstream sumps carrying communications and rescue equipment. The 'casualty' was located above the 5th pitch with a simulated fractured radius. Using a body harness divers and dry cavers co-operated to lower the victim down the remaining pitches to the sump, where an assisted dive was simulated, the rising water having defeated attempts to pump out the sump Picture of the practice

All present had an enjoyable day, and everybody learned something. In particular - never volunteer to be the victim!

Photography: G.Henry

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