A Brief History of the CDG



A time-line of notable events in the life of the CDG. Mostly taken from Farr. Please submit any CDG history you may have to the site maintainer, in as much detail as possible.

John Buxton has submitted this monograph about the development of the Group.

Cave diving highlights

Pre 1930 - Intrepid explorers first venture into flooded cave passage.

1930 - Early work in Swildon's Hole. Standard dress divers in Wookey Hole.

1940 - War surplus equipment, mainly rebreathers, used underground. Formation of the Cave Diving Group.

1950 - Bottom walking with rebreathers, divers make steady progress.

1960 - Open circuit compressed air gains widespread acceptance. Introduction of wetsuits and fins.

1970 - Despite some tragic accidents, long sump explorations take place in Keld Head and elsewhere.

1980 - Long deep dives become possible with the re-introduction of the dry suit and experimentation with mixed gas.

1990 - Mixed gas gains slow acceptance. Rebreathers begin to reappear. Underwater digging becomes common.

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