History 1980 - 1989

. 1981 Jochen Hasenmeyer reaches a depth of 143 metres in the Vaucluse.

1983 Jochen Hasenmeyer to -205 metres in the Vaucluse.

1983 May The Gaping Gill/Ingleborough Cave exchange trip is made by Geoff Yeadon, Geoff Crossley, Jim Abbott and Julien Griffiths.

1985 March Martyn Farr commences exploration of the Daren Cilau downstream sump.

1985 April Martyn Farr passes St. David's Sump, Daren Cilau.

1985 July Rob Parker reaches a new British depth record of 68 metres in Wookey 25.

1985 August Martyn Farr makes the through dive from Daren Cilau to Elm Hole.

1985 November Richard Stevenson locates the way on in Gough's Cave, Cheddar. Ian Rolland and Rob Parker discover Borrowed Boots stream-way, Daren Cilau, locating Seventh Hour Sump.

1986 September Rob Palmer passes Sump 2, Cheddar.

1989 May A team including Geoff Yeadon, Ian Watson and Geoff Crossley connect Pippikin and Gavel pot, extending the Three Counties system to over 60 Km.

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