History 1960 - 1969

. 1962 onward Open circuit equipment gains in popularity.

1962 June Mike Boon passes Sumps 6 and 7 in Swildon's Hole.

1963 August Ken Pearce passes the terminal sump in the Gouffre Berger.

1964 March Alan Clegg is killed in Lancaster Hole downstream sump.

1965 Advances in Stoke Lane Sloker, Swildon's Sump 12 reached.

1966 Exploration of Langstroth cave system by climbing trips mounted through the downstream sumps.

1966 Dave Savage reaches Chamber 18, Wookey Hole.

1966 Mike Wooding and John Sinclair explore Turkey Sump, Agen Allwedd, reaching sump 5.

1966 July Charles George and John Osborne discover Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2.

1967 January Chris Gilmore passes Bridge Cave downstream sump to discover Little Neath River Cave.

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