History 1950 - 1959

. 1953 May Buxton and Davies penetrate 117metres into Clapham Beck Head.

1955 May Bob Davies reaches 22metres in Skeleton Pit, Gough's Cave, on open circuit compressed air.

1955 Bob Davies explores Chamber 13, Wookey Hole, on open circuit equipment with fins. He loses the line and is trapped for 3 hours.

1957 April

  • Semi-closed Mixture (Nitrox) dive in Hurtle Pot. The first use of mixed gas in a virgin cave.
  • Buxton and Wells explore beyond Wookey 13 using Nitrox rebreather systems. Suit inflation is used with dry suits, a significant developement.

1958 Buxton and Wells pass Swildon's Sump 4, and later Sump 5.

1960 Buxton, Thompson and George dive together (using Nitrox rebreathers) to Wookey Chamber 15, Buxton passes "The Slot" into ongoing passage at 70ft (22m) depth.

1960 Home made wet suit used in wookey hole.

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