History 1940 - 1949

. 1941 May Bob Leakey passes three sumps to find Giant's Hall, Mossdale.

1944 Jan Bob Leakey passes the sump in Disappointment Pot to reach Gaping Gill

1945 Balcombe explores the entrance series to Keld Head, using oxygen rebreather apparatus.

1946 Easter First dives at Ogof Ffynnon Ddu lead to the formation of the Cave Diving Group.

1946 August Cousteau and Dumas reach 46 metres in the Vaucluse, they are nearly killed by contaminated air.

1947 Don Coase passes Stoke Lane Sump 1, by free diving.

1948 April Wookey Chamber 9 reached.

1949 February Buxton Water Rising in Peak Cavern passed to 1Km of passage.

1949 April Gordon Marriott is killed in Wookey Hole.

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